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  • We conduct user tests online, so you can take part from home
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  • Get paid a minimum of 15 euro per 20 minutes
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One thing is crucial to us: as an user tester you need to have a pleasant experience at User Sense. Being an early-stage start-up we cannot guarantee that everything goes smoothly, but we can promise the following:

  • We do our best to get you as many tests as possible
  • We will never sell your personal data to third parties
  • We will try to make testing as fun as possible

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Most frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Make sure you read it carefully so that you know where you stand.

On this point, we can be crystal clear: User Sense will never sell or share any of your personal data to third parties. All data is stored on User Sense owned servers and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of our organization. 

We can be very clear on this: as a tester at User Sense you don't have to pay any registration fee and we will never ask you to invest money in our platform. 

In fact, the moment you are admitted to the pool and participate in tests, you can only earn money. The minimum compensation per test is 15 euros. 

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The fee for a 20-minute test is €15. If you live in a country with a different currency, this will be automatically converted into your local currency by your bank.

The number of tests you can do depends on the number of assignments we receive and the profile the client is looking for. So please note that it is not a replacement for a part-time or full-time job, but a way to earn some extra money every now and then. 

To get started as a tester at User Sense you will need a desktop, laptop or mobile phone with Android or IOS. It is important that you are clearly visible and speak clearly during the usability tests.

No, we do not yet accept testers outside of Europe. Only testers that are living in Europe can sign up on the User Sense platform. 

Once you have gone through the application process and have been accepted into the User Sense respondent pool, you can perform paid usability tests. 

The moment you accept and execute a paid usability test, it will be checked by our review team once you have completed the test. We check whether the video meets our quality requirements. Once we have approved your test, the payment will be transferred to your bank account within three working days.  



Signing up as a usability tester at User Sense is without obligations. We will inform you when you are eligible for a test, but you decide whether you accept the assignment. 

We aim to assess the qualification tests within five working days.

When our qualification team has reviewed the test, we will inform you via email. The video is assessed on the quality criteria of User Sense.

More than 25 000 testers joined

More than 25 000 user testers have joined us in our misson to help software to be more human. Curious what other user testers think about us? Read our reviews on Google