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User Sense
Unmoderated user tests

Conduct unmoderated user tests with testers from your target audience. 

Moderated tests and interviews

Schedule one-on-one sessions with testers via our dashboard.

Tree testing

Evaluate the findability of your content with tree tests.

Card sorting

Conduct open, closed or hybrid card sorting via our platform.


Engage stakeholders and colleagues by sharing a link to the livestream. 

Templates en preview mode

Get the most out of your test with our templates and preview mode. 

Create screener questions

Recruit testers by using your own screener questions. 

Standard recruitment criteria

Use over 15 standard criteria to expedite the recruitment process. 

Manual or auto-scheduling

Decide whether to schedule sessions manually or automatically. 

Incentive payments

We pay fair incentives which are transferred within two business days. 

Invite self-recruited testers

Invite your own testers to participate in interviews or user tests. 

Exclude testers

Choose to exclude testers who have taken part in previous tests. 

Transcription in all languages

We make use of the best transcription software in Europe. 

Time-stamped notes

Add time-stamped notes during the session or to the recording. 


Create highlight clips and merge them together into one video. 

Sentiment analysis

Make use of our sentiment analysis to identify usability issues. 

Usability metrics

Measure the UX through metrics such as SUS, NPS & SEQ. 

Export all results

Export all session recordings, research notes and highlights.