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User Sense

6% more conversion driven by usability insights

Working with Yellowgrape, we conducted usability research on Dekbed Discounter's website to find out how to improve user experience and conversion on mobile devices.

If it was worth it? Definitely, making the search functionality more visible led to a conversion increase of more than 6%.

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New input for A/B-tests

New usability insights led to dozens of hypotheses. 

More than 10 quick wins

More than 10 quick wins were identified.

6% increase in conversion

One optimisation led to over 6% more conversions. 

About the customer

Research goals

Research methods

Usability insights


At the age of 25, Niels Verwij began his journey as an entrepreneur and decided to establish Dekbed Discounter. In the year 2014, the bedding industry was dominated by a small group of businesses. That could be done better, thought Niels. With a strategy of affordable purchasing, excellent offering, good marketing and excellent service, he rapidly conquered the market. Annually, Dekbed Discounter doubled its growth, generating over 75 million euros in sales by 2022.

Due to the fact that the CRO project at Yellowgrape had recently started and it had been a while since Dekbed Discounter had conducted the last usability study, we chose to set up a general usability study. 

In a general usability study, testers perform a variety of tasks on the website, without zooming in on one specific website component.

In this way, a large amount of feedback comes in even with the first test - an ideal starting point for a UX or CRO project.

This resulted in the following research question:

How do users experience Dekbed Discounter's mobile website?

Based on Dekbed Discounter's target audience criteria, ten testers were recruited through our recruitment service.

They were then asked to were asked to participate in unmoderated user tests. In these tests, testers gave extensive feedback on their experience on the website.

To draw lessons from the testers' feedback, User Sense's UX team analyzed the testing sessions and summarized them in a UX research report. From the report followed ten concrete areas for improvement and a wealth of input for new A/B tests. 

In the previous situation, Dekbed Discounter's search functionality was not visible enough. This was evident from the usability study in which a respondent stated, among other things:

''I want to look for new sheets now. Where is the search bar? Oh that's at the top, I hadn't seen it. The search function is not clear!''


On the other hand, the data analysis also showed that the use of the search function was relatively low, this percentage was around 5%. This led to a new A/B test. 

Here you can see in the original the search icon was merged with the icon for the menu, thus causing ambiguity.

By making a subtle adjustment and pulling the icon loose and thereby also isolating the search functionality, an attempt was made to improve the user experience. 

Not only did the use of the search functionality increase by 33%, the conversion rate of visitors who had thus used this functionality was over 6% higher in the test variant. Thus, we appeared to cause a big change in behavior and conversion with a small change.